Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Power of Excuses

Today I grab a book which I bought few mnths back in my quest to find a better life opportunity.

This is some of the excerpts from him yg sampai terbawa-bawa dalam mimpi tau; So just to share with you all ..

Many people want to become and entreprenuers but always have some excuse for why they do not quit their job, excuses such as;
  1. "I don't have the money."
  2. "I cant't quit my job because I have kids to support."
  3. "I don't have any contacts."
  4. "I'm not smart enough."
  5. "I don't have the time. I'm too busy."
  6. "I can't find anyone who can help me."
  7. "It takes too long to build a business."
  8. "I'm afraid. Building a business is too risky for me."
  9. "I don't like dealing with people."
  10. "I'm too old."
"The reason most people who want to become entreprenuers remain employees is that they have some excuse that keeps them from quitting their job and taking that leap of faith. For many people the power of their excuse is more powerful than their dreams."

Jadi pagi-pagi ni I bangun pagi with a fresh start "reduce and start to eliminate EXCUSE which always holding us back!"

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